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About this course

The goal of Luther Seminary’s Master of Divinity program is that our graduates will be prepared to serve as missional pastors
in the church, leading Christians in lives of witness and service. In addition to being persons of faith and good character who
are grounded firmly in the message of the Bible and the insights of Christian history, theology and ethics, we want our
graduates to be known for excellence as preachers of the biblical message, leaders in worship and servant leaders.

We want them to be able to provide effective leadership in congregations by equipping members to serve God’s mission of
spreading the gospel and caring for the world. The world’s needs for witness and service have never been greater. We believe
God is calling and sending the church of Jesus Christ into mission in a new era of Christian history, one in which the church can no longer depend on support from the surrounding culture.

Our vision is to prepare a new generation of pastors who can strengthen the life of individual Christians and congregations
even as they lead them to engage in mission in their context. We believe this requires learning both theology and leadership
not only in the classroom and library but also in the contexts of congregations and their communities and in relation to
Christians of other communions and members of other religions. This commitment to be both confessional and missional—
and never one without the other—draws together the various courses, practices and contextual experiences of Luther
Seminary’s Master of Divinity program for educating students for pastoral ministry.