2 years
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USD 19,800
Foreign students
USD 19,800
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About this course

This program is designed to empower students for creative leadership in the ministry of holistic care. Course work brings together theological and psychosocial reflection on multiple dimensions of care—care of self, care of persons and families, care of congregations and care of communities. Master of Arts in Congregational and Community Care (CCC) degree program outcomes:

  1. CCC graduates will identify congregational and community care as rooted in God’s care for the world, and relate God’s care to the role of the faith community and the role of the self in providing care.
  2. CCC graduates will construct a framework for congregational and community care that integrates biblical, theological and theoretical resources.
  3. CCC graduates will demonstrate an ability to listen to God, neighbor and self as they intervene, interpret and lead within a variety of common care settings.
  4. CCC graduates will be able to distinguish between theological and various social scientific (psychological, sociological, biological, cultural, etc.) resources for congregational and community care, and discern the appropriate place of each in caregiving.