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About this course

The Associate of General Studies degree at Lamar Community College is designed primarily for those students who wish to pursue a broad program of career and transfer coursework without the constraints of subject specialization. There are also emphasis areas within the A.G.S. degree which enable students to pursue a particular academic interest in greater depth. While the A.G.S. degree is not designed specifically to enable transfer to a four-year institution, it can be used for that purpose. Transferability depends upon the courses taken and the requirements of the receiving institution. A student who enrolls in an A.G.S. degree program at Lamar Community College must complete a total of 60 credit hours consisting of at least 18 credit hours in general education courses, 39 credit hours of elective coursework, and 3 credit hours of LCC requirements. For Associate of General Studies degree plans, please consult the Degree and Certificate section.

Emphasis Areas in A.G.S. Degree

Courses listed in the following emphasis areas relate to an area of academic interest and are offered as recommendations to those students wishing to pursue a particular academic interest in greater depth. Students who are planning to transfer to a four-year institution may refer to that institution’s catalog for information regarding transferability of LCC coursework. The LCC Transfer Coordinator can also be of assistance.

Emphasis in Criminal Justice 

This area of study provides legal, technical, and procedural knowledge and skill necessary for students pursuing a career in law enforcement or corrections.