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The Business Management Degree Programs offer a wide variety of options. These choices have evolved as a result of ongoing analyses of and attention to student, employer, and local community needs. The degree now includes five different options or "areas of concentration." Management is a universal concept which is essential for all organizations, large and small, whether they be for-profit, not-for-profit, or governmental. The Northeastern Ohio area has a continuing demand for trained supervisors, middle managers, administrative assistants, and entrepreneurs, who understand how to plan, organize, direct, communicate, and control business operations.

A degree or certificate in management will prepare a student to assume a leadership role within any organization. A number of courses are common to all Lakeland management degrees. Beyond those basic requirements, students may choose to concentrate either on the broad, generalized field of management, or on management within a number of narrower areas.

This concentration prepares students who plan to start and/or operate their own business.   Core courses include coverage of all of the business functions that an owner/manager would be expected to understand while addressing entrepreneurship, small business management, small business finance, and the creation of the new venture