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About this course

The Master of Liberal Studies Program is designed for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree and who want to enhance their knowledge and analytical skills to prepare themselves for the challenges of the twenty-first century. The program leads to a Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree.  

At the heart of the MLS program is a series of interdisciplinary seminars, team-taught by faculty members representing different disciplines. These specially designed seminars foster the ability to integrate knowledge from several fields and to deal with major questions in light of the wisdom afforded by a broad understanding of the liberal arts. 

Students are adults who live and work in the community, including business men and women, teachers, and adults pursuing advanced study for their own enrichment and pleasure.

Tuition per Course: $2,500

Entry Requirements

  • To be admitted to the Masters in Liberal Studies program, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Candidates should submit transcript records of all college work at the time they submit their application for admission. Our simple application form asks applicants to write a brief essay stating how the Graduate Program in Liberal Studies will serve their needs. In addition, each applicant will be interviewed by the Director, Associate Director, or another member of the MLS Committee. The Committee is responsible for admitting applicants. The decision to admit an applicant is based entirely on the Committee’s assessment of whether the applicant is likely to perform well in the program and to benefit from it.