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Knox College

United States
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About Knox College

We're a community that does the hard, inspiring, sometimes bewildering daily work of making sense of the big picture. 

We're also a community that puts the big picture together. We're on the ground in neighborhoods and organizations around the world, doing research, making connections, breaking down boundaries, building the future.  

How to tell if you're at Knox:  

  1. People shake your hand, look you in the eye, and welcome you here. Then they ask you if you know when Flunk Day is.
  2. It feels busy but not chaotic, productive but not exclusively goal-oriented, philosophical but not pretentious, and friendly but not shallow. It feels like a place where good people do great work and don't make a huge deal about it, because there is more great work to be done.  
  3. You're surrounded by compelling human beings who do not think or act or dress in the way that you think or act or dress. And this feels inspiring.  
  4. You're walking to a class and a student up ahead starts doing a little dance-and then finishes and keeps walking. Because this is a place where people a) feel joy and b) feel free to show it.  
  5. You feel a sense of history, of people having come here to discover something new about themselves and about the world. (You might even get the sense that this is a college that changes lives.) And you feel a sense of possibility, of what you might discover, of the history you might make, right now. 


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Things that often happen when you live here:

  1. You join a lot of clubs, then end up running a few of them, or starting new ones.
  2. You understand the difference between the Prairie Fire and a prairie burn. And you celebrate both of them.
  3. You get a little obsessive about the arrival of Flunk Day.
  4. You get inspired by the projects (the art exhibit, the community garden, the campus-wide service event) your friends are doing. You start a project that inspires your friends.
  5. You stay up talking with friends about things that are either profound or frivolous (or both). And then you realize it's morning. 
  6. You discover that the sun rising over the prairie can be beautiful beyond words.
  7. You discover that the feeling of "home" isn't limited to your actual home.

Galesburg is a city in Knox County, Illinois, United States. This city is forty-five miles northwest of Peoria.


Room & Board: $8,724

How it feels to live here:

  1. It feels like you're living with 1,400 people from places you've never heard of -- who have ideas you've never thought of, who can tell stories you've never heard-and who are, at the same time, a lot like you: passionate, collaborative, unapologetically smart, interested in everything.
  2. It feels like you can get involved. -- And you can. And you do. Students run more than 100 clubs and organizations, play on 20 Division III athletic teams, produce major events like our International Fair, think of smart ways to advance our sustainability program, and take an unusually high degree of responsibility for the campus culture.  
  3. It feels like you're standing in the middle of a particle accelerator, except the particles are ideas. --  Nearly the entire Knox community-students, faculty, and staff-lives within a few miles of campus.  All of that translates into a sense of energy, excitement, cross-pollination.
  4. It feels, frankly, a little nutty. -- We're capable of staging a meatless haiku competition. Our most intense athletic rivalry is nevertheless called the Bronze Turkey. Our Resident Advisors host inscrutable events like "style and s'mores." And then there is Flunk Day. 
  5. It feels like you're in a permanent state of discovery.


Courses available 10

Accounting & Finance 1 Applied, Pure Sciences 3 Computer Science, IT 1 Creative Arts & Design 2 Humanities & Social Sciences 3


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