2 years
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USD 139,600
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USD 139,600
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About this course

The Master of Arts in Global Policy is a sixteen-month degree designed to give experienced professionals a competitive edge in their careers.

The Global Policy Program (GPP) offers a convenient, alternating-weekend (Friday/Saturday) schedule that enables students to participate in a rigorous academic program and maintain full-time employment. Students move through the program as a cohort and develop strong professional connections with accomplished and diverse colleagues.  

The GPP is delivered in Washington, DC, and builds on the school’s more than 70 years of academic excellence, providing advanced training under the guidance of world-renowned scholars, diplomats, and policymakers. The innovative curriculum combines theory and practical application through interactive seminars and experiential learning opportunities such as residency projects. The degree program culminates with a challenging capstone project that requires students to address a current global policy challenge.