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Jan Aug
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USD 8,250
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USD 8,250
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About this course

The Master of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership degree is designed to prepare men and women for high-quality Christian leadership in the community, local corporations, and local public safety professions. All students who desire to enter the MBA program must demonstrate potential quantitative and qualitative leadership skills, as well as evidence of self-discipline, a reputable character, and a strong motivation to learn.

Students will be expected to display both the physical and emotional health nee ded to succeed in an intense academic environment. They must also have the ability to express themselves in verbal and written communication. In addition, they will need to have at least some basic business knowledge and experience, plus some evidence of the social competencies that lead to team-building.

The MBA in Organizational Leadership is an online program; therefore, all students must have full access to a computer and the Internet, with the attendant experience. They must display all necessary computer skills, including email, word processing, spreadsheets, chat rooms, forums, and virtual classroom skills. 

Entry Requirements

Non-native English speakers applying to programs taught in English must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by achieving a minimum score of 560 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language’s (TOEFL) written examination, or a minimum score of 83 on the Internet examination