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About this course

Our LLM curriculum, developed with input from our Real Estate Law Advisory Board and the faculty, takes a transactional approach to legal education by using real-life situations and material in the classroom. This approach aims to teach real estate law in the context of real deals and supports the goals of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education's report "Educating Lawyers Preparation for the Practice of Law." Course materials include the forms and materials real estate attorneys use to document and close transactions.

Degree candidates may earn some or all of their elective credits in one of the areas of concentration or may take their elective courses across the curriculum. The areas of concentration include: Development, Finance, Sustainability, and Transactional.

Courses are taught by full-time professors, who are recognized experts in areas of commercial real estate law, and practicing adjunct faculty who offer degree candidates the unique opportunity to learn about real estate law in the context of the real estate industry and to learn to understand the business objectives and concerns of real estate clients.