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About this course

Established in 1998, our LLM in Employee Benefits is the only ABA-approved program in the nation, attracting students both locally and nationally. Given the amount of regulation and legislation in this area of law, we are constantly adapting the curriculum to the changing practice with continuous input from our faculty and advisory board. As an LLM candidate, our transactional approach to employee benefits law will ensure that you develop the skills necessary to successfully practice in this area of law.

Our curriculum reflects the tax, labor, and employment aspects of employee benefits plans, as well as the interplay of these rules on the administration and maintenance of such plans. Courses are taught by knowledgeable employee benefits practitioners, as well as current and former members of the IRS's Office of Chief Counsel. A mentoring program between our candidates and regional practitioners, designed specifically to make the transition from academia to legal practice smooth and productive, provides exposure to a variety of practices and specialties within employee benefits law before graduation.