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Jan Aug
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USD 134,760
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About this course

The English significant at Humboldt State University offers students a strong establishment in the humanities with accentuation on the abilities in perusing, composition, and thinking that can serve as a premise for graduate-level study, and additionally for some professions. 

Our personnel can guarantee students of individual consideration in the outline and arranging of their specific Pathways. Since the abundance of authentic information, feedback, the investigation of dialect, close perusing, and composed expression can never be depleted, the fundamental objective of the major is to give students the adaptable aptitudes expected to approach crisp connections as opposed to with an altered assemblage of learning. 

The general objectives of the University incorporate giving chances to trained examination of over a significant time span human experience. The English major accomplishes this objective by acquainting students with incredible works of the inventive creative energy in which this experience is clearly uncovered and recorded. Students are obliged to examine the medium used to render this experience and to figure out how to utilize the English dialect all the more capably themselves to pass on their creating information. Consequently the English major gets ready students for cutting edge scholastic work, for a wide mixture of vocation opportunities, and for positions of authority in the public eye.

Entry Requirements

  • Apply Online at CSU Mentor or print an International Undergraduate Application.
  • Submit the Certification of Financial Support (pdf); Microsoft Word
  • Submit Official Transcripts of Academic Records (Translated to English)
  • Send Proof of English Proficiency
  • All test scores must be sent to us directly from the examination company.
  • Score reports that were issued to students will not be accepted.    
  • We accept many different tests.
  • Send Photocopy of your passport