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Jan Aug
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About this course

Our objectives are to instruct student for deep rooted learning and for authority with respect to imperative issues like maintainability, worldwide business, enterprise, and social obligation. To perform this, we offer a main subject and we incorporate that center into our focus courses and our capstone courses, Strategic Management and Social Environment of Business. 

Our business project is recognized by being imbued with supportability, grounded in enterprise, and connected to experiential ("hands-on") learning. We offer various hands-on learning chances to understudies, including an aggressive temporary position program that gives Smullin Internship money related grants and additionally scholastic credit. 

Our upper hand is that of a college focused on showing little classes, especially in cutting edge courses. This permits us to give student successive composition, talking, and presentation opportunities. We utilize a case approach in a few classes with the goal that understudies are composing and exhibiting their adapting in a sensible setting.

Entry Requirements

  • Apply Online at CSU Mentor or print an International Undergraduate Application.
  • Submit the Certification of Financial Support (pdf); Microsoft Word
  • Submit Official Transcripts of Academic Records (Translated to English)
  • Send Proof of English Proficiency
  • All test scores must be sent to us directly from the examination company.
  • Score reports that were issued to students will not be accepted.    
  • We accept many different tests.
  • Send Photocopy of your passport