1 year
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 69,800
Foreign students
USD 69,800
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About this course

Students who enroll themselves in this one year MBA course will go through a two-week long immersion period in the month of September. This program is designed to help students gain prerequisite knowledge, get an introduction to the professional skills model, and work in a team to solve a business challenge. There’s also time for orientation, community-building exercises, and socializing. 

The whole course is divided into five modules. From Module A to Module C, students will acquire management literacy, financial literacy and strategic literacy. They will develop necessary soft skills and also improve their key competencies through mentorship, constructive feedback, and constant assessment. Students will also be involved in simulations and role plays so that they know how to apply their knowledge into practicality. Through Module D and E, they can choose from a few elective courses such as Entrepreneurship or International Negotiations, to develop their skills in a particular area of concentration.

In August, there will be a one-week long MBA Global Summit where students integrate, reinforce, and showcase their learning. 

Entry Requirements

The Hult Admissions Policy takes into account all aspects of a candidate’s background, including work experience, university education, GMAT score, language capabilities, and extraordinary achievements from their business or non-business life.

All MBA and MFIN applicants are required to provide a GMAT score.* Like many other top-ranked business schools, including those ranked in the top 10 by the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2013**, we do not have a minimum GMAT score. We have found a weak correlation between GMAT scores and Grade Point Averages, with zero correlation between GMAT scores and starting salaries.

As a principle, the Board of Admissions will not rule out great candidates based their on GMAT score alone.