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The Master of Arts in Humanities program offers courses in the fields of art, foreign languages, history, literature, music, philosophy and religion. This interdisciplinary degree is intended for students who would like to integrate their particular expertise with corollary fields in the humanities after having majored in one of the fields mentioned above. This program has wide appeal across many professions and can be tailored to the student’s particular area of interest.

Candidates for this program come from all stages of life, ranging from recent graduates to retirees. Many graduate students pursuing this degree are likely to be secondary education teachers in the local Maryland county school systems. For the convenience of the working professional, the Master of Arts in the Humanities degree can be completed in approximately two years.

While affirming the importance of each academic discipline, the faculty of the Master of Arts in Humanities program encourages students to create connections between them. The curriculum is, therefore, based on a three-stage structure. First, the introductory seminars familiarize beginning graduate students to the idea of interdisciplinary studies. Second, each student, in consultation with an adviser, will develop a plan of study for four of the six elective courses. This plan will define a cohesive concentration. The final stage of graduate work is a portfolio or a capstone project.