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About this course

The Master of Arts in Education degree program was authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education in December 1986 and has been in continuous operation since that date. In 2003, Heidelberg University began offering the Master of Arts in Education at the Arrowhead Park site in Maumee, Ohio.

The program is available to teachers who seek to complete the Master’s degree as well as those who require additional graduate course hours to meet licensure requirements. Courses are available in full semester, eight-week term and five-week term formats throughout the academic year and during the summer. Most classes meet in the evening to accommodate working professionals.

The purpose of the Master of Arts in Education Program is to develop teachers who exercise leadership within their professional communities and academic institutions. The program is designed to develop experienced elementary and secondary school teachers who are recognized as master teachers because of their advanced knowledge and skills and their deep commitment to responsible professionalism.