Master of Laws LL.M.

Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Master's Degree
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Entry Requirements

International LL.M. students are required to take at least one of the following courses in American Law: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law, Property, Taxation, and Torts. International students also must write either the 75- to 100-page LL.M. paper, the more extensive LL.M. thesis, or a paper of 25 or more pages that involves independent reflection, formulation of a sustained argument and, in many cases, outside research. Both types of papers may be written either independently or in conjunction with a seminar. Finally, we urge students to take at least one course focusing on legal history, legal theory, policy analysis or legal process.

For students who hold a J.D. from a law school in the United States or Puerto Rico, the emphasis is slightly different. For these students, the LL.M. degree is designed as preparation for a career in law teaching. These students are provided the opportunity to take a step back and relate the doctrinal areas in which they previously concentrated to broader intellectual, social and cultural traditions; and pursue an extended writing project. Thus students from the United States and Puerto Rico must take at least one course in legal theory or jurisprudence and write either the LL.M. paper or the LL.M. thesis.


  • Science, Junk Science and CSI 
  • Antitrust, Technology and Innovation 
  • Hannah Arendt 
  • Information Law and Policy: Advanced Problem Solving Workshop
  • European Securities Regulation 
  • Introduction to Islamic Law 
  • Advanced Legislation: Theories of Statutory Interpretation
  • Comparative Corporate Governance 
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance and Accounting Concepts
  • Harvard Africa Workshop: Changing Economies, Changing Polities, Changing Faces of Capitalism
  • The Anthropology of Law: Perspectives from Africa and Elsewhere
  • Digital Power, Digital Interpretation, Digital Making
  • The Rise and Fall of the American Labor Movement
  • Green New York 
  • Trade Secrecy 
  • Shareholder Rights Project
  • Clinic 
  • Hannah Arendt 
  • Readings in the Multivariate Analysis of CEO Turnover in the WRDS S&P 500 and S&P Mid-Cap Data Sets
  • Understanding Obama
  • The War on Terror Memoirs
  • Ethics, Economics and the Law 
  • America's 51 Constitutions
  • Riffing on The Federalist
  • American Legal History: The Warren Court 
  • Dispute Systems Design 
  • Advanced Seminar in Japanese Law 
  • Race and Justice: The Wire 
  • Re-making America's Urban Cities
  • Dispute Systems Design

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