18 months
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 45,278
Foreign students
USD 45,278
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About this course

The Master in Design Studies (MDesS) is a one-and-a-half year, postprofessional, non-studio degree program designed to enable students with specialized interests to pursue advanced studies through course work and independent study in the areas of history and philosophy of design, technology, urbanism, landscape, ecology, sustainability, critical conservation, art, design and the public domain, anticipatory spatial practice and real estate. These areas of study complement the traditional elements of the GSD curriculum and allow students to customize a cross-disciplinary course of study with a high level of specialization. The MDesS program seeks highly motivated students with a keen commitment to rigorous research in emerging domains of design.

Entry Requirements

Applicants to the MDesS program normally hold a professional degree in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning and design. Applicants with a degree in a related discipline such as engineering, geography, computer science, or industrial design also qualify for admission. The program seeks applicants who have demonstrated overall academic and/or professional achievement in the design fields and who have the potential for advanced work in the area selected for study.

Applicants must specify which of the offered eight areas of study they wish to pursue. Each area has specific course requirements and electives and is under the guidance of an area academic advisor. The specific course work is customized to each student’s qualifications and academic and professional objectives and is constructed by the individual student in consultation with his or her academic advisor.