5 years
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About this course

The PhD program in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning is one of twelve interfaculty programs administered jointly by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with other Harvard graduate schools.

Attempting to understand how built space affects the people who live within it, and, conversely, how social, political and cultural values affect the choices we make in designing space, is the basic goal of the PhD program. One might say that our program attempts—in very different ways and with a range of techniques—to interpret the dreams of societies from the spaces that different societies build. We examine the built environment as a mode of cultural production. We use rigorously developed categories and concepts from other fields to open up new possible interpretations.

Entry Requirements

Students may study for a PhD degree in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning. These three degrees are administered by a committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in cooperation with the Faculty of Design. The program is intended for persons who wish to enter teaching and advanced research careers in the history and theory of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban form from antiquity to the present; or the analysis and development of cities, landscapes and regions with emphasis on social, economic, ecological, transportation and infrastructural systems.