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USD 11,700
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About this course

The Master of Arts program consists of 36 credit hours in humanities with emphasis in imaginative literature, natural science, philosophy and religion, and social sciences. The program includes readings which may be selected from the Great Books Foundation anthologies, The Great Books of the Western World, the Annals of American History, and other works by authors listed in the Syntopicon’s Bibliography of Additional Readings which may be available in many popular editions or collections.

It is the philosophy of Harrison Middleton University to provide the opportunity for a student to study the subjects that interest him or her. The Master of Arts program consists of 36 graduate credit hours, which include The Great Conversation: The Cornerstone Course, 28 credit hours of core coursework, and The Capstone Course. As a student at Harrison Middleton University, you may design a program of study focusing on the subjects or authors that interest you. There are a variety of ways to design your Master of Arts program. You may choose to do an in-depth study of an idea from one of the disciplines of Imaginative Literature, Natural Sciences, Philosophy and Religion, or Social Science, or you may decide to do an in-depth study of specific authors. Additionally you may complete a study of primary source documents from Great Books Foundation publications, or you may choose to study a combination of the three.

Students design their program of study as the culminating assignment in their first course, The Great Conversation: The Cornerstone Course, with the guidance of their Mentor and the Instructional Team. Students at Harrison Middleton University are enrolled in and complete one course at a time. Each course needs to be completed within sixteen weeks. Student courses will consist of a series of telephone or Skype discussions and an end-of-course essay