3 years
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USD 21,000
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USD 21,000
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About this course

The Doctor of Education program explores the great idea of education and offers students a foundation in historical, social, and philosophical literature. The program draws on intellectual sources and scholarly disciplines, including curriculum theory, history, law and philosophy. This program of study requires students to complete sixty (60) credit hours of graduate credit hours beyond the master's degree level.

Students design their program of study as the culminating assignment in their first course, The Great Conversation: The Cornerstone Course, with the guidance of their Mentor. Students at Harrison Middleton University are enrolled in and complete one course at a time. Each course needs to be completed within sixteen weeks. Courses will consist of a series of telephone or Skype discussions and an end-of-course essay.

The Doctor of Education program explores the history and development of the field of education and its foundational theoretical principles. Students are expected to acquire a thorough and comprehensive broad knowledge in the major field of education and related topics; complete extensive legal research of both federal and state laws, regulations, and rules relating to education; write a scholarly legal opinion reporting the findings of the research; and finally, plan, develop, conduct, interpret, and apply the research to a unique applied project which will propose a solution to a current, significant educational issue or problem.

As part of the program of study for the Doctor of Education, students will study the means and ends of education; the kinds of education; the improvement of the mind by teaching and learning; the means and methods of teaching; education and the state; and historical and biographical observations concerning the institutions and practices of education.