BA - Anthropology-Cultural Anthropology

Hamilton College
United States
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
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Entry Requirements

  • TOEFL or IELTS scores, unless 
    • you have studied at a school with an English curriculum for at least three full years of instruction;
    • your SAT verbal/critical reading is above 700; 
    • you are taking A-1 IB English; or (d) you are taking Cambridge A-level English exams.
  • Translation of official documents (when originals are not in English)


  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: From Fieldwork to Ethnography
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Controversies in Cultural Anthropology
  • Language and Sociolinguistics
  • Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
  • Linguistic Theory: A Brief History
  • Topics in Japanese Linguistics
  • J Pop! Japanese Popular Culture(s)
  • The Politics of Difference
  • Pragmatics and Language Acquisition
  • Cultures in Japan and Beyond
  • Cursing and Taboo Language
  • Phonetics and Phonology: The Analysis of Sound
  • Resistance and Rebirth in Mesoamerica
  • Blood and Submission in Native America
  • Societies of the Middle East
  • Comparative Ethnographic Study of Asia
  • Deconstructing China
  • China and Tibet
  • The Languages of East Asia
  • Language, Gender and Sexuality
  • Ethnography of Literacy and Visual Language
  • Japan Inc: Hierarchy, Power and Resistance
  • The Ethnography of Communication
  • Seminar in Linguistic Semiotics
  • Peoples in Japan
  • Youth and Cultural Reproduction
  • Anthropology of Education
  • Freaks, Cyborgs, Monsters, and Aliens
  • "The Village" in South Asia
  • Verbal Art and Performance
  • Seminar: Performance in Everyday Life
  • Money, Money, Money: Anthropological Approaches to Exchange, Equivalence and Economy
  • Globalization and African Diaspora in Europe
  • Seminar: Sex Work and Emotional Labor.
  • The Anthropology of Globalization and Transnationalism

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