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About this course

The Masters of Business Administration in Global Management program objective is to produce a graduate who understands the diverse areas of global business and correlates each element to the overall goals and productivity of the global organization. Upon graduation students will be prepared to enter a variety of careers in domestic or global business at the senior professional level.

Initially the student will spend a pre-term week developing critical thinking ability, communication skills, meeting with the Master’s Thesis Board and training on APA formatting for professional papers. The foundation needed for future development in quantitative reasoning will also be addressed. This initial (and the final week) of on campus orientation and Masters’ Thesis presentation will be done either on campus at Hallmark University or through an online webinar for distance learning students. The curriculum will follow with a set of advanced business courses, these are the courses needed to prepare the student to launch into their concentration coursework.

The Masters of Business Administration in Global Management is structured to provide a high degree of excellence in education to its students. This is accomplished through challenging course material, a required Masters’ Thesis in publishable format or a Research Project, and a Capstone Class. These requirements add to the already robust curriculum and allow the student to produce professional credentials for careers in Business Management or International Business Management.
The Masters curriculum is designed to produce well-rounded global business leaders; leaders that know the elements of power and understand how to use and respect those elements to drive a global organization forward.

The curriculum prepares the students for the ongoing innovation in technology and changes in our global economy and how to effectively contribute to the innovation while managing the risks involved. The curriculum most importantly contributes to the personal development of the student by creating graduates who can effectively analyze their present situation (personal/professional), strategize and manage a plan, then embark upon a successful future. The Masters of Business Administration in Global Management Program consists of 39 semester credit hours and 624 contact hours not including Orientation, Thesis Presentation and Research Project and is 63 weeks in length for the day, evening, and/or on-line program.