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Green Mountain College

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About Green Mountain College

Green Mountain College was founded in 1834 by the Troy Conference of the United Methodist Church. Throughout its history, strong teacher-student relationships have been the hallmark of a GMC education, a tradition that continues today.

At the heart of the College’s environmental mission is the 37-credit Environmental Liberal Arts General Education Program, which all GMC students complete. ELA combines the skills and content of a strong liberal arts course of study with a focus on the environment.

Experiential learning is also central to a GMC education: Students are encouraged to gain hands-on experience through internships, service-learning opportunities and study abroad programs. Interdisciplinary block courses allow students to spend an entire semester working with professors from multiple disciplines on a single area of focus, often through field research, overnight outings, discussions with experts and a culminating project. Adventure programming and the Farm and Food Project provide additional hands-on learning opportunities.

Campus information

The 123-acre Green Mountain College campus on the Poultney River provides a rich environment for academic programs, student life, and ecosystem services. It is divided into three distinct regions: 39 acres of natural areas including the Poultney River buffer zone, 40 acres on Cerridwen Farm, and 44 acres of designed buildings, landscapes, and athletic fields.

In addition to the natural areas on campus, St. Catherine Mountain is home to the College’s Deane Nature Preserve, which is 85 acres of land open to students and the public for education, research, recreation, and leisure, located 5 miles southeast of campus.

Green space on the Green Mountain College campus provides ecosystem services, and is vital to education, research, and recreation. Campus lands are outdoor classrooms and field sites for projects by both students and faculty. They are used in practical application of skills learned in courses, provide a healthy living area for GMC and Poultney community members, and contribute to our dedication to sustainability on campus.

Green Mountain College is situated in southern Vermont’s beautiful lakes region, with the Adirondack Mountains to the west and the Green Mountains to the east.


The Sustainable Living Floor is an intentional community that strives to model a sustainable lifestyle that can be implemented at the college level. We define a sustainable lifestyle as leading a life that not only meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, but also giving more than we take and aiming to have a net positive impact across the areas of natural capital, social capital and financial capital. Floor members have communal dinners, do community service, and work together to hold a campus wide event about sustainable living each semester.

The Activism Floor is a co-ed space on the first floor of Moses for students who are committed to learning about and acting on social and environmental justice issues.The focus of this floor is to educate each other and the community on topics pertaining to each member’s interests and the interests of the campus. Our goal is to create an intentional community that promotes the importance of social and environmental justice to the campus. We have a shared bookshelf with books of varying topics, as well as a small zine library featuring contributions by current floor members. The Floor also has a cozy nook at the end of the hall where anyone can read, study, or hang out with friends.

The Adventure Recreation Floor was established in 2002, making it the oldest specialty floor at GMC. Passionate about living life and getting out into the great outdoors, the floor tends to attract individuals in the Adventure Education major (but there have been plenty of other majors on the floor). We adventure and recreate every day; a group of us might go out skiing, while meeting up later with others who went mountain biking, ice climbing or a myriad of other activities. We also get the rest of campus involved in events such as the Gear Sale, Meat Head Films and more.

The S.A.G.E. Hall, Students for Academic and Green Engagement, fosters a place of community learning and environmentally conscious and engaged activities in synchronicity with the Green Mountain College Mission Statement. Through the use of a safe and secure community, SAGE as a whole and its independent residents uphold a high degree of environmental and academic standards, including an average GPA of 3.0 and higher. It is the purpose of SAGE to allow its residents a home environment that is free of prejudice, conflict and general upheaval, where an atmosphere of respect is key and learning is above all else. It is believed that by having this stable center, the residents of Sage will be more productive and proactive in the larger Green Mountain College community.

The Substance Free Floor is dedicated to providing a community for those who wish to avoid substance abuse; this includes both individuals who have experienced substance abuse themselves, and those who desire to maintain a drug free lifestyle. We take part in many different events within the community, such as community service, campus events and floor events, and we are always welcoming new ideas to help strengthen and tighten our bond together.


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Agriculture Studies 2 Applied, Pure Sciences 2 Creative Arts & Design 1 Hotel Management & Hospitality 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 4 Mass Communication & Media 1


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