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About this course

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business provides the credentials and advanced business training employers and clients expect from today's manager. Designed for the working professional, the program provides a rich educational experience in an efficient format.

  • The MBA program provides skills for entrepreneurship or advancement in any type of organization. A student selects from the following options:
    • Custom MBA
    • Accounting emphasis
    • Finance emphasis
    • Human resources emphasis
    • Legal administration emphasis
    • Marketing emphasis
    • Public administration emphasis
    • Technology management emphasis
  • Core MBA classes include development of a business plan or project.
  • Members of our graduate faculty have extensive experience in their fields of instruction. Small classes provide opportunities for one-on-one support and informal mentoring.
  • Students are encouraged to maintain employment during the program. This allows them to apply and evaluate theories of management in real-world settings. As graduates, they have documented management experience.
  • A typical student enrolls for four quarters a year, completing this two-year program in 18 months. During the first four quarters of the program, one six-week course at a time is full-time. The final two quarters are primarily dedicated to development of a major project or business proposal.
  • Many students qualify for graduate credit for work experience. Please contact us to be referred to the dean of graduate studies for information on the application process.
  • An international student may qualify for a work authorization soon after beginning studies in the U.S.
  • All courses are offered through our online division as well as at select campuses.