Criminal Justice

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United States
Master's Degree
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2 years
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Entry Requirements


If you hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and show promise of high quality work at the graduate level, you’ve completed the first steps. Criminal justice as a discipline is ideally suited for those with liberal arts backgrounds, but there is no specific undergraduate course of study required for admission. A complete set of application materials consists of: (1) the application forms; (2) official copies of undergraduate transcripts; (3) scores from the general portion of the GRE or the Miller Analogies Test.



Required Courses (24 hours)

CRJU 6100:   The Criminal Justice System (3 hours)
CRJU 6200:   Police in Society (3 hours)
CRJU 6300:   Seminar in Corrections (3 hours)
CRJU 6400:   Criminological Theory (3 hours)
CRJU 6500:   Seminar in Criminal Law (3 hours)
CRJU 6605:   Criminal Justice Research Design (3 hours)
CRJU 6610:   Criminal Justice Statistics (3 hours)
CRJU 6615:   Criminal Justice Ethics (3 hours)
CRJU 6700:   Comprehensive Exam

Electives   (12 hours) Select from the following:

CRJU 6120:   Current Issues in Criminal Justice (3 hours)
CRJU 6140:   Organizatin Theory and Management of Criminal Justice Systems (3 hours)
CRJU 6160:   History of Criminal Justice and Crime Control Policy (3 hours)
CRJU 6180:   Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (3 hours)
CRJU 6340:   Correctional Counseling and Treatment (3 hours)
CRJU 6405:   Victimology (3 hours) (Preq. CRJU 6400)
CRJU 6410:   Critical Criminology (Radical Theorists) (3 hours) (Preq. CRJU 6400)
CRJU 6420:   Criminal Behaviors (3 hours) (Preq. CRJU 6400)
CRJU 6460:   International Terrorism (3 hours) (CRJU 6180 recommended)
CRJU 6940:   Independent Study (Var. 1-3)
CRJU 6950:   Special Topics (3 hours)

* With graduate coordinators approval, students may substitute current CRJU 5000 level courses for any of the above electives, OR substitute up to 6 hours of the following towards the electives: PUAD/POLS 5401, POLS 5531, PUAD 6538, 6558, 6578, 6625

OPTIONAL (Not Required)

CRJU 6960:   Internship (o credit hours)
CRJU 6970: Capstone Research Project (3 hours) (Preq. CRJU 6605 and 6610)

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