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About this course

The GIA Graduate Gemologist diploma program delivers a comprehensive gemology education on diamonds and colored stones. Using the latest gemological equipment, you will work with real diamonds and gemstones under the trained eyes of GIA instructors. Through extensive lab work, you will practice identifying and grading diamonds and colored stones in an efficient, accurate, and consistent manner. Skills taught include evaluating a diamond’s proportions; distinguishing natural, treated, and synthetic gemstones; and using the GIA Colored Stone Grading System to determine gemstone quality. When studying on campus, you will receive tweezers, a 10x loupe, a pointer probe, plotting pens, a gem cloth, a table gauge, a crown angle card, a color grading card, a polariscope, a dichroscope, a handheld spectroscope, a refractometer with polarizing filter and removable magnifying eyepiece, refractive index (RI) liquid, a lab manual, and printed course materials. 

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be admitted into GIA courses and programs.