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The Graduate Colored Stones diploma program explores the identification of common and unusual gemstones found in the marketplace. Subjects covered include the GIA Colored Stone Grading System and the correct usage of standard gemological equipment to distinguish natural, treated, and synthetic gemstones. The program also examines which gems are commercially important, shifting supply patterns, and how these factors affect gem prices and availability. This program also includes the study of more than 60 species of gemstones, and how illumination techniques can facilitate the identification process. When studying on campus, you will keep a polariscope, a dichroscope, a handheld spectroscope, a refractometer with polarizing filter, tweezers and removable magnifying eyepiece, refractive index (RI) liquid, a lab manual, and printed course materials.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be admitted into GIA courses and programs.