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About this course

Industrial Design Technology involves working closely with engineers to create dynamic products with a unique look and feel using the latest 3-D technology available.

This program will prepare you for a career in the industry by:

  • Training you with hands-on experience using CAD, CAM, CNC and 3D printing.
  • Using the latest 3-D design software to develop new products.
  • Creating prototypes and product simulations.
  • Manufacturing the finished design.

Giving you a working knowledge in the field of product design, product development and rapid part production.

Learn competency and technical expertise on industry specific 3D Solid Design software, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, 3D printers and Multi-Axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) controlled machines.

Become industry-certified by NIMS, Haas, Mastercam and SolidWorks upon program completion.

The core-specialty of this program is hands-on experience with CAD, CAM, CNC and 3D printing.

Entry Requirements

  • You must be a graduate of what is equivalent to the 12th grade in the U.S.
  • You must have English Proficiency.