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About this course

This program is designed to provide qualified individuals with a master’s degree and initial certification in the area of Secondary Education (7-12) content specialization, World Languages (PreK-12) or Art (PreK-12) by providing study of the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for effective teachers. This program contains extensive field work in Professional Development School settings and anticipates the full-time enrollment of the candidate. This program presumes a particular sequence of certain research-based courses.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in the content area to be pursued for teaching certification that will satisfy the content standards for national teacher education accrediting associations and their constituent professional association programs for the content area. In lieu of the content degree in the area of certification, applicants must have successfully completed the equivalent university core course requirements, any specific state requirements for Maryland teacher certification not addressed in the MAT program, national teacher education and accrediting associations’ standards and outcomes, and Maryland certification requirements as determined by transcript audit by the MAT Secondary/ PreK-12 coordinator. A transcript audit will be completed for every applicant by the MAT Secondary/PreK-12 coordinator. Applicants with course deficits as determined by the transcript audit are required to complete all deficit course work before entering the first practicum semester