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Aug Jan
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About this course

Welcome to FNU’s new Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program. Frontier has a strong tradition of being an innovator in nurse practitioner education and we are among the Top 30 online graduate nursing programs by U.S. News & World Report. As a Frontier student, your home community will be your classroom, and you will get to know the needs of your region through meaningful assignments and clinical experience. If you are an innovator, a trailblazer and a changemaker, Frontier is the place for you. Come join our community so that you can make a difference in yours!

Entry Requirements

dvanced practice psychiatric-mental health nurses focus on the application of knowledge, skills and ability in collaboration with individuals, groups, families, and communities with inherited and/or acquired vulnerability for mental health disruptions as well as substance use disorders. In addition, expertise is developed in a consultation-liaison role to meet the diverse mental health knowledge needs among professionals and others in communities and integrated care delivery. Skill in telehealth technology will expand capacity to provide mental health care to geographically or situationally isolated individuals and communities.

In addition to the MSN competencies and select DNP essentials of all FNU education, the following objectives are specific to the FNU PMHNP specialty role and population.

  • Integrate psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner competencies for leadership and quality to meet diverse mental health care needs.
  • Analyze innovative and quality care to meet the mental health needs of individuals, groups, families and populations across the lifespan.
  • Integrate competencies for independent practice in the PMHNP.