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Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

United States
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About Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Olin College of Engineering (also known as Olin College or simply Olin) is a private undergraduate engineering college in Needham, Massachusetts, adjacent to Babson College. Olin College is noted in the engineering community for its youth, small size, project-based curriculum, and large endowment funded primarily by the F. W. Olin Foundation. The college covers half of each admitted student's tuition through the Olin Scholarship.

Campus information

Olin College of Engineering is nestled on 70 acres in Needham, Massachusetts, a suburb 14 miles west of Boston. The nearby campuses of Babson College, Wellesley College and Brandeis University, together with the proximity of Boston and Cambridge, afford students easy access to one of the world’s most bustling educational and technological hubs.

From the design studios to the robotics labs, our facilities are as integral a part of the Olin community as the people who use them. We place great importance on communal spaces, which help create the optimum learning environment by encouraging team-based, hands-on learning.

The campus’ five main buildings curve around a central green space that we call “the Oval,” which provides a space for students and faculty  to come together. This sense of community is heightened due to the fact that nearly all Olin students live on campus in one of two residence halls.

  • Each of the double rooms in West Hall has a private bath, air conditioning and cable.
  • East Hall has 19 suites, each containing six single occupancy bedrooms, a small living room, two bathroom areas and a suite-sized micro-fridge. There are also 32 double occupancy bedrooms.
  • Both offer Ethernet connections, fiber-optic capability, CATV and wireless access.

Olin College of Engineering is nestled on 70 acres in Needham, Massachusetts, a suburb 14 miles west of Boston.


Olin students are required to live on campus unless an exception is made by the dean of student life due to personal circumstances (e.g., for married students or students with families nearby).

Social conflicts are generally resolved informally; students can approach the honor board with a conflict only in extreme cases.

In addition, the Office of Student Life picks student "resident resources" (R2s) to fill the role traditionally played by resident assistants (RAs) at other schools. Unlike most RAs, R2s are not directly responsible for enforcing dorm policies.


Courses available 10

Applied, Pure Sciences 2 Business, Management 1 Computer Science, IT 1 Creative Arts & Design 2 Engineering 7


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