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The objective of the Dental Hygiene degree program is to prepare students to enter the profession of dental hygiene. Specific curricular objectives fall into four categories: biomedical sciences, general education, dental science, and dental hygiene science.

The first category provides students with specific foundational knowledge in biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, general pathology and/or pathophysiology, nutrition, and pharmacology; the second category includes instruction in math, communication, psychology, sociology, and critical thinking principles; the third category includes tooth morphology, head and neck and oral anatomy, oral embryology and histology, oral pathology, radiology, periodontology, pain management, and dental materials; and the dental hygiene sciences emphasize oral health education and preventive counseling, health promotion, patient management, clinical dental hygiene, management of special-needs patients, community oral health, medical and dental emergencies, legal and ethical aspects of dental practice, infection and hazard control management, and the provision of oral health care services to patients with bloodborne infectious diseases.

Successful completion of courses in all four categories is required for graduation from the program.