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The Master of Science degree in Biotechnology has the following as its primary objectives: (1) increasing the number of students currently underrepresented in graduate education in the area of Plant / Animal / Applied Biotechnology, (2) preparing students for study toward a terminal degree in the area of biotechnology and other bioscience disciplines at the institutions of higher education in the state of Georgia and across the nation, (3) enhancing the scientific and technical knowledge base of our students for employment in biotechnology / bioscience related academics, industries and associated agencies, and (4) preparing students for the leadership roles in a technologically advanced society through learning of the unique aspects of biotechnology, such as animal biotechnology, cell biology, plant biotechnology, Food Bioprocessing and safety / security, nanobiotechnology, commercial biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, and other developing / emerging innovative biotechnology applications. 

Each student who will develop a thesis or write an internship report is encouraged to focus on a subject for research/internship early in his or her candidacy. With the help of his or her academic advisor, the student must choose three or more advisors as a thesis or internship committee by the time 18 hours of graduate study have been completed. At least one of these advisors must be a faculty member in the student’s graduate degree program. The graduate program department head should approve the three advisors chosen for this purpose, with final approval from the Graduate Dean.