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The Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in Education offers future teachers flexibility in planning the two-year, general education component required for transfer to a senior institution granting state licensure. Upon completion of this two-year phase of the course work, students will transfer to a college or university to complete their subject area course work, teacher preparation courses, student teaching, and licensure. Students should do their best to design their classes at ESCC according to their transfer college’s requirements, receive course grades of “C” or better, attain the required GPA (a 2.00+ is required for ESCC graduation; other colleges may require higher), ad pass Praxis I before transferring. Students must consult the college to which they plan to transfer to ensure that their ESCC courses will be accepted in transfer. 

Entry Requirements

Students must meet ESCC admission requirements. Students must also complete placement tests (or equivalent) in English and mathematics, and scores will be used for appropriate course placement. If students have deficiencies in English and/or mathematics, ESCC offers developmental and prerequisite courses to prepare students for the curriculum.