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The Fire Science Technology program is designed to provide students with sound technical and academic experiences, enabling them to assume positions of responsibility as members of fire departments or as technical employees of industrial firms and insurance companies. The first year of the program provides training in building construction, system design for detecting and eliminating fire hazards, and trains students to reduce hazard through periodic inspections, remedial recommendations, and systematic follow‐ups.

The second year focuses on aspects of leadership, command, control, and education. The ultimate goal is to assist the in‐service student to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge both to further their ability as a front‐line firefighter, but also to develop the skills to assume a leadership role in their community.

Students who are not employed in a related field are highly encouraged to pursue a live‐in position or other hands‐on application of the curriculum. Graduates of the Associate in Applied Science degree program are prepared to assume positions of leadership within their department, and to manage teams performing tasks in the community and on the fire ground.