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About this course

Our Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership program is designed to integrate business theory and application. The curriculum will provide you with the opportunity to expand your understanding of that knowledge in theoretical thinking and current research in the field of business then demonstrate an understanding of that knowledge through the development of business enterprises based on a careful, extensive review of the literature of the discipline. By using this method you will become intimately aware of the skills necessary to lead and manage a business.

With face to face interactions with professors and classmates, group and individual activities, development of a business plan, presentations, and discussions of course materials and current business industries you will be able to better build your network and overall understanding of business applications.

Entry Requirements

  • At least 6 hours in the field of business
  • a. At least 3 hours in accounting, having earned a grade of “C” or better
  • b. At least 3 hours in finance, having earned a grade of “C” or better