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Entry Requirements


Admission requirements for freshmen are listed below:

  1. Official certificate of graduation (or its equivalent) from an accredited secondary school and a satisfactory scholastic record.

  2. Fifteen acceptable units of secondary school credit, including in English, four course units emphasizing grammar, composition, and literature; in mathematics, four course units including algebra I, algebra II, geometry and a higher level mathematics course for which algebra II is a prerequisite (fourth unit of mathematics is required of students graduating high school in 2006 and later); in science, three course units, including at least one unit in a life or biological science (for example, biology), at least one unit in a physical science (for example, physical science, chemistry, physics), and at least one other laboratory science course; in foreign language, two course units in same language (two units in foreign language are required of students graduating high school in 2004 and later); and in social studies, two course units, including one unit in US history.

    East Carolina University recommends that prospective students complete at least one course unit in the arts. Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to individual programs; individual program admission requirements are described in the specific academic sections.

  3. Satisfactory scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test or American College Test . Registration forms for either of these examinations are available online and at individual high schools. Official scores must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, East Carolina University prior to admission.

  4. A nondeductible, nonrefundable application fee of $70.

Transfer Students

General Transfer

General admission requirements for transfer students are listed below:

  1. Official transcript(s) from each regionally accredited college, technical institute, or university previously attended showing the following:

    1. A 2.5 grade point average (GPA) on all transferable hours attempted. (Some professional schools may require a GPA which is higher than that required by the university for admission to their programs.) A minimum of 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) is required for transfer consideration which must include the equivalent college credit hours for ECU’s English 1100, English 1200 and Math 1066 (College Algebra).
    2. Honorable dismissal and eligibility to return to the college or university at which last matriculated. (Attendance only at summer school does not apply.)
    3. Students who will be 24 years old at the time they propose to enroll may submit their application for transfer admission, with 30 or more transferable hours from a regionally accredited institution are not required to provide a high school transcript or general educational development tests (GED) certificate.

  2. Nondeductible, nonrefundable application fee of $70.

Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to individual programs. Individual program admission requirements are described in the specific academic sections. It is the student’s responsibility to request that all transcripts and other records be forwarded to the admissions office.

Note: Transfer students must meet the University of North Carolina subject matter admission requirements by completing high school courses as stated above, or by completing 6 degree-creditable semester hours each in English, mathematics, science, foreign language, and social sciences at a regionally-accredited institution other than East Carolina University. Those graduating from high school in 2004 and later must also have 6 hours of foreign language to satisfy the MCR requirements. (See Admission Requirements, Freshmen.) In addition, those who present fewer than 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) of transferable credits with a minimum GPA of 2.5 must have satisfactory high school grades and test scores as required for freshman candidates.


Minimum degree requirement is 126 s.h. credit as follows:

  1. Foundations curriculum requirements including those listed below - 42 s.h.
    All concentrations:
    COMM 2410. Public Speaking (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:FA) or COMM 2420. Business and Professional Communication (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:FA)
    ECON 2113. Principles of Microeconomics (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO)
    MATH 1065. College Algebra (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:MA) (P: Appropriate score on math placement test or math section of the SAT/ACT)
    PHIL 2274. Business Ethics (3) (WI*) (F,S,SS) (FC:HU) or PHIL 2275. Professional Ethics (3) (WI*) (F,S,SS) (FC:HU)
    PHYS 1250. General Physics (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SC) (P for 1250: MATH 1065 or 1066)
    PHYS 1251. General Physics Laboratory (1) (F,S,SS) (FC:SC) (C: PHYS 1250 or 2350)
    PSYC 1000. Introductory Psychology (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO)
    PSYC 3241. Personnel and Industrial Psychology (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SO) (P: PSYC 1000 or 1060)
    Architectural Technology:
    GEOL 1700. Environmental Geology (4) (F,S) (FC:SC)
    Mechanical Technology:
    PHYS 1260. General Physics (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:SC) (P PHYS 1250)
    PHYS 1261. General Physics Laboratory (1) (F,S,SS) (FC:SC) (C PHYS 1260 or 2260)
  2. Core - 53 s.h.
    DESN 2034, 2035. Engineering Graphics I (3,0) (F,S) (P: ITEC 2000 or MIS 2223)
    DESN 2036, 2037. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (3,0) (F,S) (P: DESN 2034)
    DESN 3032, 3033. Engineering Graphics II (3,0) (S) (P: DESN 2036; ITEC 2080; PHYS 1250; C: ITEC 2090; or program coordinator approval)
    DESN 4030, 4031. Descriptive Geometry (3,0) (S) (P: DESN 3032; MATH 1074)
    FINA 2244. Legal Environment of Business (3) (F,S,SS)
    IENG 2020, 2021. Materials and Processes Technology (3,0) (WI*) (F,S) (P/C: ITEC 2000 or MIS 2223)
    ITEC 2000. Industrial Technology Applications of Computer Systems (3) (F,S) or MIS 2223 Introduction to Computers (3) (F,S,SS)
    ITEC 2054, 2055. Electricity/Electronics Fundamentals (3,0) (F,S) (P/C: MATH 1074 or 1083 or 1085)
    ITEC 2080, 2081. Thermal and Fluid Systems (3,0) (F,S) (P: IENG 2020)
    ITEC 2090, 2091. Electromechanical Systems (3,0) (F,S) (P: ITEC 2054)
    ITEC 3200. Introduction to Statistical Process Control (3) (F,S) (P: MATH 1065 or 1066; ITEC 2000 or 3000 or MIS 2223) or MATH 2283. Statistics for Business (3) (F,S,SS) (FC:MA)
    ITEC 3290. Technical Writing (3) (WI) (F,S,SS) (P: ENGL 1200)
    ITEC 3292. Industrial Safety (3) (F,S) (P: Junior standing)
    ITEC 3300. Technology Project Management (3) (F,S) (WI) (P: ENGL 1200; ITEC 2000 or MIS 2223)
    ITEC 3800. Cost and Capital Project Analysis (3) (F,S) (P: MATH 1065; ITEC 2000 or 3000 or MIS 2223) or FINA 3004. Survey of Financial Management (3) (F,S)
    ITEC 4293. Industrial Supervision (3) (WI) (F,S) (P: Senior standing or consent of instructor) or MGMT 3202. Fundamentals of Management (3) (F,S,SS)
    ITEC 4300. Quality Assurance Concepts (3) (F,S) (P: ITEC 3200 or MATH 2283)
    MATH 1074. Applied Trigonometry (2) (F,S,SS) (P: MATH 1065)
  3. Concentration area (Choose one) - 23 s.h.
    Architectural Technology:
    BIOL 1060. Environmental Biology (4) (F,S,SS) (FC:SC)
    BIOL 1061. Environmental Biology Laboratory (1) (F,S) (FC:SC)
    DESN 3030, 3031. Architectural Drafting (3,0) (F) (P: DESN 2036 or IDSN 2281; ITEC 2080; or program coordinator approval)
    DESN 3036, 3037. Architectural Design and Drafting (3,0) (F) (P: DESN 3030, 3032; or program coordinator approval)
    DESN 3038, 3039. Sustainable Design (3,0) (S) (P:BIOL 1060, 1061; DESN 3030; GEOL 1700; ITEC 2090, 3300; PSYC 3241; or program coordinator approval)
    PLAN 3021. Introduction to Planning Techniques (3) (F)
    PLAN 3051. Introduction to GIS in Planning (3) (F)
    PLAN 4003. Urban Form and Design (3) (S)
    Mechanical Technology:
    CHEM 1020. General Descriptive Chemistry (4) (S) (FC:SC)
    CHEM 1021. General Descriptive Chemistry Laboratory (1) (S) (FC:SC)
    DESN 3230, 3231. Rapid Prototyping (3,0) (S) (P: DESN 3032; IENG 2076)
    DESN 3234, 3235. Jig and Fixture Design (3,0) (F) (P: DESN 3032; ITEC 2090; IENG 2076)
    DESN 3236, 3237. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (3,0) (F) (P: DESN 3032; MATH 1074; ITEC 3200 or MATH 2283)
    IENG 2076, 2077. Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) (3,0) (F,S) (P: DESN 2034)
    IENG 3020, 3021. Robotics in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3,0) (S) (P: IENG 2076, ITEC 2090)
    IENG 3300. Plant Layout and Materials Handling (3) (F) (P/C: ITEC 3290; P: IENG 2020)
  4. Approved electives to complete requirements for graduation. - 8 s.h.

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