International Relations

Drake University
United States
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
August January
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Entry Requirements

  • The TOEFL requirement is 71 for the iBT and the IELTS requirement is 6.0 in order to enroll in courses on a full-time basis. 
  • Other relevant qualifications accepted/recognised by Drake University.

*With the exception of the pre- pharmacy program, Drake offers conditional admission to students meeting the admission standards but who do not meet the language-proficiency requirements for immediate entry into a degree program. 


  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Comparative Politics    
  • World Politics    
  • Human Geography / World Regional Geography
  • America as a World Power / U.S. Interventionism / American Foreign Policy
  • Senior Seminar in International Relations

Coursework in Comparative Perspectives:

  • Europe    
  • European Women's History
  • Europe 19th Century 
  • Contemporary Europe 
  • Nationalism/Politics of Eastern Europe
  • Modern Europe Political Systems 
  • Politics of Russia and the Former Soviet Union
  • Political Integration of Europe

Latin America 

  • Latino/a Literature 
  • Modern Mexico
  • Colonial Latin America
  • Modern Latin America  
  • Government and Politics in Latin America


  • Asia 
  • South Asia
  • East Asia Since 1600
  • Imperial China
  • Modern China
  • Twentieth Century China
  • Modern Japan
  • Contemporary Chinese Society
  • Government and Politics of China
  • Government and Politics of Japan


  • Africa in World History
  • Sustainable Development in Africa
  • Africa's Colonial Movement
  • Africa, Africans, and Atlantic Slavery
  • Africa

Middle East

  • The Middle East Through Film
  • History, Politics, and Society of Modern Egypt
  • Islam in the 21st Century
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict 
  • Politics in the Middle East 


  •  Traveling Cultures
  •  Cultural Geography
  •  Advanced Topics
  •  Restorative Justice
  •  Transitions to Democracy 
  •  Islam in the 21st Century
  •  Comparative Law & Courts
  •  Government and Politics of Developing Nations 
  •  Comparative Political Parties
  •  Politics & Parliaments
  •  Topics in Religions Studies
  •  Selected Topics

Coursework in Thematic Perspectives

  •  International Economics
  •  Developing Economies
  •  Literature of War
  •  World War I
  •  U.S. and Origins of the Cold War
  •  U.N./Global Security
  •  Grassroots Globalism
  •  Revisiting Vietnam
  •  Post-Conflict Justice
  •  Political Economy of Globaliza
  •  Global Health
  •  International Law
  •  Political Integration of Europe
  •  Human Rights/World Powers
  •  Gender/International Relations
  •  U.S.-East Asian Relations
  •  Ethnopolitical Conflict
  •  Liberation Theology
  •  Rhetoric & War
  •  Global Social Change
  •  Intercultural Communication

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