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About this course

The Chemical Technology (CT) program is a lab-based program that will prepare you for a career in chemical technology by developing the skills and knowledge necessary for a variety of technician jobs in different industries.

Through hands-on experience, you will develop the important critical-thinking skills necessary to solve problems encountered by chemical technicians working in the industry. Qualified chemical technicians should have a solid background in chemistry and math, the ability to use and troubleshoot a variety of instrumentation and standard equipment, and knowledge of standard laboratory and safety procedures. Both oral and written communication skills, and computer skills are also important.

  • This program offers the opportunity to participate in cooperative work experiences at area industries to gain the hands-on training employers will be looking for in full-time employees.
  • This program has been approved by the American Chemical Society.
  • An Advisory Board oversees the program to ensure the program remains up-to-date with the skills industries need in their chemical technicians.