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The MBA curriculum is designed to provide leadership skills and training for students and the community by utilizing the strength of the established liberal arts base of the college in an innovative and interdisciplinary manner within the context of a business program.

Success in the program requires a basic knowledge of economics and quantitative reasoning as well as computer literacy. Along with a sound base in accounting, finance, and marketing, emphasis will be placed on a practical and working knowledge of a wide variety of leadership approaches, an ethical philosophy of leadership, and an appreciation of social, legal, and global issues. The need to utilize knowledge from many academic disciplines and sources, the acquisition of skills that will be of immediate use in the student's working environment, concern with the human aspect of organizational effectiveness, and every opportunity to utilize computer technology will be the underlying themes of the MBA program.

The ultimate goal of the MBA program is to graduate students who have, through the practical application of course work, learned the value of current leadership theory and practice and have developed an ethical context in which this theory and practice may be applied. The process of utilizing the students' actual job sites as laboratories in making the transfer of classroom knowledge to the workplace is a unique but important feature of the program.

*Program cost: $524 per credit hour