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Courses at Deep Springs are intensive and interactive. Classes are very small, usually between four and twelve students, so every student must come prepared to contribute. Instruction at Deep Springs emphasizes student participation, which often extends beyond time in the classroom to the formulation and execution of goals for individual courses. Students take seriously their individual responsibility in learning.

Generally, though not exclusively, the majority of class time is spent in seminar-style discussions. Other forms of class structure that emphasize student engagement and activity – such as time spent in the lab, studio or in the field – can also be found regularly within the curriculum. Students devote a great deal of time and energy to their assignments, and discussions frequently achieve a depth uncommon at the undergraduate level.

There are no majors or concentrations, and students are encouraged to explore a variety of topics in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Writing, Public Speaking, and an introductory Summer Seminar are the only three required courses. Credit from the academic program can be used to earn an Associate’s of Arts from the college or may be transferred toward pursuit of a Bachelor’s at another institution.

Most classes are taught by one of three long-term professors: the Humanities Chair, the Social Sciences Chair, and the Natural Sciences Chair. Other classes are taught by visiting professors, who offer their specific expertise for a single semester or summer term.