2 years
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USD 34,020
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USD 34,020
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About this course

Curry College's MSN program prepares RNs for careers as nurse educators and nurse leaders.  Pursuing an MSN takes dedication, but it can have a huge impact on your nursing success in the form of new opportunities, from higher pay to greater responsibilities.

Classes are held once a week, during the day.  You'll be part of a cohort, which means that you'll study with the same group of professional nurses. Cohort learning groups have proven to be very effective for adult learners; they create a community of professionals who can study together, provide support, discuss common on-the-job problems, and offer networking opportunities.

MSN students have opportunities to apply the skills acquired in the course work.  In the Capstone course, students collaborate with faculty on a focused scholarly project.  In the Practicum, students gain real-world experience through mentored teaching or clinical immersion.