M.A. Program in Economics

CUNY, Hunter College
New York, New York, United States
Master's Degree
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Entry Requirements

An applicant for admission to Hunter College as a regular, matriculated student in any of the master's programs must hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, comparable in standard and content to a bachelor's degree from Hunter College. A student must have an undergraduate average of B in the economics courses and an average of B minus in the undergraduate record as a whole. The general aptitude GRE is required of all applicants.

Applicants are expected to have a firm command of the English language before they apply. Foreign students are required to have taken the TOEFL at least 9 months prior to their intended date of enrollment. Such applicants are also advised to take the TWE and the TSE.


  • ECO 701 Microeconomic Theory.

  • ECO 703 Macroeconomic Theory.  

  • ECO 710 Monetary Theory and Policy.

  • ECO 711 Banking and Financial Structure.

  • ECO 715 Public Finance.

  • ECO 721 Economic Statistics.

  • ECO 722 Econometrics.

  • ECO 723 Time Series and Forecasting.

  • ECO 724 Microeconometrics.

  • ECO 726 Policy and Program Evaluation.

  • ECO 730 Economic Development.

  • ECO 732 Economic Growth.

  • ECO 735 Urban Economics.

  • ECO 740 International Trade.

  • ECO 741 International Finance.

  • ECO 745 Labor Economics.

  • ECO 747 Income Distribution and Public Policy.

  • ECO 748 Health Economics.

  • ECO 755 Industrial Organization.

  • ECO 756 Law and Economics.

  • ECO 760 Financial Economics. .

  • ECO 761 Advanced Concepts in Financial Markets.

  • ECO 762 Corporate Governance.

  • ECO 765 Games and Information.

  • ECO 790 and 791 Independent Study.  

  • ECO 795 Economics Seminar. 

  • ECO 798 Thesis Research.  Credit is not granted until the thesis is accepted.

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