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The Cox College Master of Science in Nutrition Diagnostics & Dietetic Internship (MND/DI) is a two-year combined program for individuals who have completed at least a bachelor’s degree, as well as accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) coursework requirements. The MND/DI provides the supervised practice experience that is required to be eligible to take the registration examination for dietitians. The combined program offers students the opportunity to complete a Master’s in Nutrition diagnostics as a component of the required supervised practice component.

The MND/DI program has a concentration in nutrition diagnostics and is designed to meet the competencies for entry-level practice as an RD. The program is designed to enhance and expand practice skills in clinical nutrition utilizing Kight’s advanced level practice modeling in nutrition diagnostics.  The program requires completion of a 46 credit Master’s Degree, a research project utilizing the nutriokinetic/nutriodynamic modeling and approximately 1450-1470 hours of supervised practice experiences that span the two year length of the program.

The first year of the combined MND/DI program combines supervised practice and graduate coursework. Students complete rotations in food service and clinical management, community areas and in basic medical nutrition therapy the fall semester, along with coursework.  The spring semester supervised practice experiences are limited to medical nutrition therapy, providing the necessary experiences that prepare the intern to complete a 4 week staff relief experience in the summer semester.  Supervised practice experiences in the second year will provide a more in depth focus on complex patients and greater experience in utilizing the advanced practice nutrition diagnostics modeling.  These experiences incorporate the nutrition focused physical exam, nutriokinetic/nutriodynamic modeling and are supervised by the college clinical faculty.  Both semesters of the second year include coursework, along with the advanced supervised practice rotations.

The student must successfully complete the objectives for each supervised practice experience and meet all requirements for the MND, including writing and presenting a research project.  Upon satisfactory completion of both the MND degree and the dietetic internship, students will be provided with an AND Verification Statement indicating their eligibility to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietitians.