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The Environmental Science A.S. degree is designed to enable students to transfer to most baccalaureate institutions with standing as a junior. The program outcomes prepare students for “green” employment in industries that are targeting global climate change, management of natural resources, and protection of the environment. While completion of this degree alone prepares students for work as environmental technicians, continuation through transfer institutions qualifies the graduate for work as environmental engineers, educators, environmental field biologists, and other environmental scientists in both the public and private sector.

Graduates will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theoretical principles, processes, and relationships underlying the environmental sciences, and be able to apply this knowledge to a wide variety of practical situations. They will also demonstrate an understanding of the social, economic, political, and ethical issues related to the environmental sciences, perform relevant laboratory experiments and interpret data gathered from such experiments, and develop the ability to critically analyze and formulate possible solutions to environmental issues.

Inherent in Corning Community College’s mission is preparing students for a life of service to their professions and their communities in a globally interdependent society. The environmental analysis community is a key player in directing important public policy objectives related to quality of life issues, economic development, and environmental responsibility.