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Students who want to improve their English should consider taking the English as a Second Language non-degree program. This program will take 12 months for you to complete. Since this is a stand-alone program, the courses offered will not transfer to another program or university.
Some of the courses you can expect to take while enrolled in the English as a Second Language program at CBT College include:

  • Basic English for Low Beginners
  • English for High Beginners
  • Low Intermediate Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking
  • High Intermediate Listening, Reading, and Speaking
  • Advanced Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking
  • Conversational English for Advanced Students

To help students get the most out of these courses, there are tutorial sessions available. These sessions allow students to discuss their writing assignments, and how the courses are helping them progress. These courses could also help students learn how to adjust to their new surroundings on a college campus, on both a social and academic level.