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Interaction Design brings together students of design, art and technology who have a strong portfolio in concepts, work process, aesthetic execution and passion for serving human needs through interactive experiences.

Your studies at CCS will be grounded in human-centered design practices that will prepare you for the changing nature of work and collaboration in the 21st century. Through the College’s unique curriculum, you will develop deep systems literacy – a timeless framework for understanding rapidly changing technology platforms and economic, market and social challenges. You will become adept with models of interaction and conversation that sharpen your insights and enable you to increase choice for all of your users. You will learn how value creation has evolved in today’s networked, information-driven global economy and how to innovate through design.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified to work inside of tech companies and design firms, from established players to startups. You will know how to design websites and apps for the delight of the experience and effectiveness in achieving users’ goals. You might design a professional online network for consultants who want to work together flexibly, and enhance their skills and reputations along the way. You might prototype a mobile app for small businesses that need real-time alerts and coordinated schedules to keep productivity high and costs low. Or you might invent entirely new experiences for sharing rides in a self-driving car.

The College’s unique program balances research, systems modeling and making, teaching you how to step beyond the limits of today’s technology and market demands to shape desired futures through design. For your career, you can choose where you want to contribute: from designing products to coding prototypes to running product strategy or a combination. You will have the skills to persuade and influence your co-workers, who will be experts in technology, marketing and business, by understanding their language and working as their peer. You will have an appreciation for the challenges of innovation and for what is required to start your own enterprise.