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The College’s MFA program in Color and Materials Design attracts students from all over the world who are qualified for the advanced study of color and materials design. Here, you will participate in a broad range of experiences, from the digital to the tactile, that will enable you to delve deeply into color and materials design as a creative practice.

You will conduct extensive research on consumer trends, looking at different product sectors, insights, competitors and the market, and learn how to look for patterns – in markets, cultures and geographic regions – gaining insight into consumer behaviors. You will learn how to truly see color and understand how it behaves, and then apply that knowledge to develop creative solutions for a range of applications.

Today, being material-minded is an integral part of the design process. Designers are required to understand how materials impact the design process from start to finish. You will conduct in-depth research to explore the latest advances in materials, looking at current and future possibilities in industry and craft applications. How can material innovation influence design and making?

Through the College’s curriculum, you will learn how to engage with color and materials to solve design problems, collaborating within the design team structure to connect ideas and develop narratives that offer creative and exciting concepts.