2 years
Jan Aug
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USD 67,270
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USD 67,270
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About this course

Champlain's MFA in Emergent Media gives an individual and thorough experience for innovative scholars hoping to fabricate remunerating vocations around media, innovation and configuration. While concentrating on building aptitudes, critical thinking and adjusting to change, you'll add to the most imperative qualities for long haul vocation achievement: reconciliation, cooperation and versatility. You'll figure out how to make intuitive methodologies in rising media fit for changing individuals' lives however media.

Entry Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree Requirement
  2. Transcripts
  3. Resume
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. A writing sample (500-1,000 words) is required as part of the application. All applicants must address three interconnected questions:
    1. Given our program’s focus on creativity, collaboration and innovation in technology, how would you describe your key strengths?
    2. What areas are your weaknesses in, and which areas do you want to grow and expand in?
    3. How will the MFA in Emergent Media help you get where you want to go?
  6. Three Letters of Recommendation
    1. You are required to submit three letters of recommendation from a manager or supervisor in your professional field. In the absence of such a manager or supervisor, the recommendation should be from someone who can assess your capabilities as an employee or as a student. Recommendations will not be accepted from relatives or family members.
  7. Project Analysis
    1. Your analysis should analyze and assess your role in a project that involved degrees of creativity, collaboration and innovation.