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About this course

COCC offers freshman and sophomore core science, engineering and general education courses needed for most engineering majors. Students earning an engineering degree choose from among the many branches of engineering available, such as: civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer and OSU-Cascades’ energy engineering management. Certain engineering majors and branches may require additional courses not offered at COCC. Students who wish to complete lower-division science, engineering and general education courses while at COCC may choose either the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree (which allows students to transfer to an Oregon public university having met all lower-division general education requirements) or an Associate of Science (which includes the science and engineering courses and some general education, more closely mirroring a university course of study). Students should work closely with an advisor to select the best degree option and review specific transfer requirements. 

Entry Requirements

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older, or possess a high school diploma or GED.